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The story of BOUNDLESS focuses on gender equality, women empowerment, overcoming cultural prejudices and conquering stereotypes. We aim to portray modern women and the highs and lows she may experience as she goes through various stages of life. Our showcase depicts these themes through Indian contemporary dance and storytelling.

WHAT PEOPLE are saying about boundless

Congratulations on BOUNDLESS, an incredible showcase. I originally came to support my dear friend Neha and when I left, I was not only proud of her but also inspired and in awe of Ameya's passion and talent. There is no doubt that your team created every element of the show with love. I sat next to a young girl and kept thinking how lucky she was to experience your show at her age. I feel honored to have been in the audience for such a beautiful work of art. Wishing you many years of success and fulfillment with Ameya Performing Arts. 

Stacey P.


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BOUNDLESS is an artistic portrayal of empowered women and their stories of struggle and triumph, told through Indian, contemporary dance.


A woman’s power lies in her ability to rise above her circumstances and stand by her choices.


A woman finds acceptance and contentment in who she is. 


A woman finds strength in herself to right what was wronged, to fight for what's hers, and relentlessly push forward to achieve her goals.


 A woman finds freedom by breaking free of norms, pressures, and stereotypes.

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