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OCTOBER 21, 2023

Ameya Performing Arts, in collaboration with Bichitra Inc., is proud to present ARRIVAL

in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. 

ARRIVAL is an originally curated and choreographed show that tells the story of an immigrant woman making her mark on a new world. We use the art of dance as a means to shed light on the stories of immigrant women who came to America and the joys and hardships they faced along the way. Our collaboration of dance styles, Indian and Western, express the ultimate fusion of two varying cultures blending together symbiotically. 



Ameya was founded in June 2016 by seven passionate women brought together and empowered by dance. Since our inception, our troupe has grown from seven to seventeen dancers. We have poured our collective resources, contacts, time and hard work into building our business, signature dance style, and brand identity.  Over the past 3 years, we have focused on actualizing content and choreography for ARRIVAL in order to present a compelling and impactful show for our audiences. Please use VENMO or ZELLE to provide a donation towards Ameya.



All donations will 100% be used towards showcase expenses including: 


Studio rentals




Guest choreography

Marketing expenses


We are forever grateful to you for your donation to Ameya!

Thank you for your continuous love, encouragement, and support! 

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